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We follow a holistic approach to provide individual medical aesthetic treatments and offer FDA approved procedures and treatment modalities to get you to the best possible results to enhance your overall beauty and health outcome to help you lead a happy and healthy life.

EMsculpt NEO®

This is the only treatment of its kind that combines Radio Frequency (RF) with HIFEM Technology, which simultaneously melts fat and tones muscles. It offers a very quick, totally pain-free body sculpting result without any downtime whatsoever.


Forehead lines, frown lines between the eyebrows, and crow’s feet lines on the sides of our eyes are the most common areas for BOTOX® injections.


Microneedling is an effective treatment to help decrease pigmentation, scars and promotes skin tightening effects bodywide.

IV Infusions

IV infusion therapy is the most effective way to get adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals that the body needs as well as rid the body of toxins.

Before & Afters

Botox® - Frown Lines

Botox® - Crow's Feet



Hair Restoration

MD Medspa Special Offerings

Each client is unique and we take a unique, client-specific approach to help achieve their goal.

Dr. Kumar

Regenerative medicine Specialist

Doctor Kumar is a trained Family medicine physician and an Aesthetic medicine physician. He received his degree in Family Medicine from The Wright Center Kingston PA and got his fellowship in geriatrics from University of Maryland Baltimore. He certified and fully trained in aesthetic medicine as well.  Dr. Kumar has been practicing in the Pacific Northwest (Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, and Seattle) for over a decade.

Our goal at MD MedSpa is to provide individualized care to help you achieve your medical aesthetic goals in a very comfortable and cozy environment by offering the latest and effective treatment options in aesthetic care.


Our Happy Clients

It’s always our goal to thrill you with your experience, and your results!

He has been great to work with and always goes above and beyond the expectation. I highly recommend him to any client that would like to hire a skilled esthetician.

His movements are fluid and I feel comfortable with him because he knows what he' s doing.

He is great and makes me feel great. My skin looks super healthy.

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